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We are looking for artists who work with vector images and have unique original style and who want to earn a fair income or increase current royalties to present their artwork in our vector image galleries at is a new platform for professional illustrators where we present only hand selected vector illustrations of highest quality under expensive royalty-free license

We Pay Fairly

Premium Collection

from $135

Is Your’s

We require 100% exclusivity for premium images. You can work and upload to other agencies but images (and its similars) uploaded to Premium Collection can only be sold on Vectorplace

Regular Collection

from $9

Is Your’s

You can upload all your images to other agencies without any limitations

Your images can be placed in Premium or Regular collections.
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One Simple Rule

Quality Matters

We accept only vector files with high-quality jpg renders. Mandatory requirements include coherent and easy-to-use layer structure as well as the organization of item groups, closed paths, no Stray Points or Ghost Path, unexpanded blends and no raster elements.

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In order to become a contributor of your portfolio should be reviewed by our editor team. You can provide a link to any site where you showcase your artwork (behance, deviantart, shutterstock etc) or place examples of illustrations in the cloud (dropbox, google drive etc). We will definitely reply to everyone, but it may take some time.

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